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Norsemen = Northmen =Vikings

It is we, modern man, that has used the term “Vikings” when we talk about our ancestors.

But during the times that they explored, raided and traded with the rest of the world they were known as 'Northmen' or 'Norsemen.'

If you are doing research on Vikings on the net try entering 'Northmen' and 'Norsemen' as key words for additional info.

A great deal of our Ancestral history has been presented in rude fragments in early Icelandic Poetry. Until just recently, the rich wealth of Norse religious traditions, mythical law and Rune information have been ignored.

Our Religious Beliefs and much of our Rune Lore is enshrined in the Edda's. They are as rich in natural romance and race imagination as any of the myths of the South.

Our Icelandic literature stands as strong as the Scandinavian Mountains. It exhibits a 'spirit of Victory; a spirit that fights and overcomes. This literature is the base of Fairy tales, Wagner's opera, “The Ring” and Token's Lord of the Rings.

The Norsemen have given their Gods a Noble, upright, great spirit and placed them on a higher level than other Gods.

The old Norse Songs have a truth in them, as do the runes. It is an inward truth and greatness, not of the mere body but also a greatness of the Soul.

The modern day indifference to our Northern Mythology has many causes. First of all that the religious beliefs of our past ancestors were not held with any real tenacity. This gave the Christian missionaries their opening. The Northern Festivals were arrested and convoluted into Christian festivals.

The Runes were demonized and destroyed by fire, since the majority of Rune lore was carved into wood.

Only a travesty of the faith of our Ancestors has been preserved in Norse literature. Most of the early poetry is allegory and cannot be read verbatim.

His Eyes were fixed on the mountains till the snowy peaks assumed human features and the giant of the rock descended with heavy tread....”

We are told nothing as to sacrificial and religious rites which would have provided material for much more Artistic Treatment.

Even with all the limitations imposed by long neglect; it is possible for us to reconstruct a plan to bring forward our ancient Norse beliefs.

Our Ancestors gazed upon a Universe filled with Divinity. They were large-hearted people. We must preserve as much of the old lore as we can.

The Volsung Saga is a great story of the North which should be to all our race what the tale of Troy was to the Greeks.

Now with the new paradigm of the laws of Quantum Physics, the box of secrets to the past has been opened wide.

Let us use one of the gifts of the Age of Aquarius, the INTERNET, to surf and copy and distribute as much information about our Northern Race and their Runes as we can find.

It is our task to revitalize our Ancestral Soul, and allow it become more powerful, even into the 21st Century!

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